When EXPERTS said, "prepare for an emergency," you didn't expect to be hit this hard.
It'll be ok. We're here to help... for free.

COVID-19 has has created overwhelming challenges for businesses and not-for-profit organizations across countless sectors. In response to this, we've established the 1033 COVID-19 Response Network. Our emergency and business continuity management volunteers are ready to provide you with assistance to respond and recover from this incident.


COVID-19 has created very challenging operating conditions. After several weeks of responding to this incident, you have likely learned a lot about the vulnerabilities of your operations and the impacts this global pandemic has had on them. Knowing this, there are a few emergency and continuity management services you may benefit from at this time.

After-action reports

We'll conduct debriefs with you to take stock of what was done well during COVID-19 response and what needs improvement. We'll provide recommendations aimed at increasing your capacity to respond to and recovery from future emergencies or interruptions.

emergency plans

We'll create custom emergency plans that you can implement to more quickly, safely, and efficiently respond to emergencies.

Business Continuity strategies

We'll work with you to identify you core business activities and essential resources, what their risk exposure is, and what controls can be implemented to prevent or mitigate their interruption.

COVID-19 Network

Dedicated emergency and continuity planning services can be costly. In a time where you've likely already experienced financial and other hardships, we don't want to add to the bill. In fact, we want to find ways to reduce it.

Our volunteer advisors will provide clients with free consulting services, no strings attached. After all, our communities rely on the work you do daily to support and grow our local economies and support vulnerable populations. It's the least we can do.

Once you register, we'll pair with an advisor whose industry experience most closely aligns to your needs. The advisor will tailor a service package that will suit the needs of your organization.

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